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Thursday, June 10, 2010


At the moment I am posting a few new items every day. I hope today to move to another category and get some items up there too. It's a good idea at the moment to check out my listings frequently. Most of the postings are carefully selected one-of-a-kind items and when they are snapped up I may not find another similar item.

I will be preparing a "how to launder and lighten spots in vintage and antique linens" and a copy will go out with each shipment so you may get your linens looking their best and keep them that way as you use them daily.

You may wonder at the many items described as unused or barely used. It was commonplace in middle class homes 60 years ago to have brand new items in reserve in the linen drawers of the china cabinet and on the shelves of the linen closet upstairs.
Home visits by family doctors were routine and housewives always wanted the sickroom to be fresh, crisp and tidy, since the state of the home reflected upon her status as a good housekeeper. Brand new linens were used to accomplish that. It helped too when the clergyman dropped by to visit the sick family member that everything was spotless..
And of course an important dinner or tea guest called for a brand new set of tablelinens too. So brand new items among the household linens were very common. When they had been used and laundered they were added to the rotating supplies and new items were acquired.

I recall in the 1940's going with my mother to the quality independent downtown Department Store where she bought her linens and watching her choose replacement items. Of course this was long before polyester, dacron and "easy care" was invented and you chose among 100% cotton, fine linen or silk.  As well, of course, she was an expert hand embroiderer and crocheted beautiful lace edgings onto her handmade linens. I have one of her plain ecru traycloths with hand crocheted edge hanging as a curtain on a small window in my home and seeing it each day is a fine memory from my childhood.

In order to publicize my new online shop, I've decided to have a giveaway running the entire month of June and give you several ways to gain more chances to win.
How to Win: each week make at least one comment on one of my posts. This can earn you one chance a week! If you want to earn 5 chances to win then become a follower if you are on blogspot. Another chance is earned if you put me on your sidebar.
Draw will be held: after supper on July2, 2010.

You can Win: first place: a luncheon or tea cloth,
                                          hand embroidered and lace edged!
                       runner up: a sweet retro apron for your kitchen!

Good Luck!!! I'll be keeping score for you!


  1. I love old linens. I have a few from my mother in law. She slept on antique linen sheets!~classy lady! :)
    and so are you! XO

  2. I enjoyed your story about linens from the 1940s. My grandmother was very good at tatting and crocheting, so have fond memories of clean fresh pillowcases with special edgings. Please enter me into your drawing. These are lovely items.