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We all have a soft spot for the kiddies - whether grandchildren or your own recent arrival. Again, there are certain items I simply cannot resist snapping up to offer  you;  my take on developing good taste in children is that you need to surround them with the very best of the past and present, rather than garish mass produced plastic items supposedly designed for the younger set. I recall as a pre-schooler having access to the Bookhouse series of books (circa 1920's), one of which held classic haiku verse and antique Japanese woodcut prints - wow!
Nothing like that these days unless you sift through a lot of stuff first - let me do the sifting for you.

00142: a Dansk made in Portugal child's cup and bowl plus stainless knife, fork and spoon. All with a transportation motif. The actual set is slighly less intensely coloured than this photo. Vintage and in excellent condition.
PRICE: $40USD + $10USD postage = $50USD

00149: Wedgewood Peter Rabbit plate; "Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed and made some camomile tea: 'One tablespoon to be taken at bedtime' "
The beloved Beatrix Potter stories are timeless. In immaculate condition.

PRICE: $40USD + $10USD postage = $50USD

00149: This is a rare find! A 1936 Bunnykins cup by Royal Doulton. Imagine! This cup has escaped being chipped, cracked or broken for 74 years. It is in remarkable mint condition and would look sweet on a shelf in baby's room along with a plate or a couple of Beatrix Potter figurines.
PRICE: $45USD + $10 postage =$55

00154: Baby's first spoon made of 1847 Rogers Brothers sterling silver with the loop-bent handle for a tiny's grasp. I remember having one of these as a little one, but hadn't seen one in years! Still highly functional.
$15USD+$2.50USD postage = $17.50 USD

00197: Vintage Paragon Holly Hobbie quilt kit for American Greeting Card Corp this sweet kit is 36x55 inches and includes everything needed to complete: front panel, backing fabric, polyester batting, embroidery threads and even a needle!
The kit is sealed so you know it is pristine and nothing has been lost. Buy the vintage kit or if you're prepared to wait as I have several major quilt commissions on the go, I can make it up for you to my exacting standards.
PRICE: Kit $150 USD + $15 USD Postage = $165 USD
                Made Up: $350 USD + $15 Postage = $365 USD
SOLD! I may have a lead on another one - check back in a week or so
00204: Peach Tiara Glass Child's set:

This classic set of bowl (6.25 inches in diameter), cup (3 and 3/8 inches high) and plate (8.5 inches in diameter) with nursery rhyme theme was made in the USA. A lovely peach colour, it is in great condition with absolutely no issues.
00204: child's tiara glass dish set ~ PRICE: $85USD + $20USD shipping = $105USD

00216: Girl's Handknit Sweater

This sweater is handknit in one piece from machion wash and dry quality acrylic yarn, in aqua, cream and coral. It is loose fitting and has a no-bind neck for easy on/easy off with no hassles.
Measurements are 28 inch chest, 17 inches from shoulder to hem, and sleeves are 9 inches from artmpit to wrist cuff. I find true measurements much better for fit than approximate age size and would advise buying a bit large to have a fit that lasts longer.
                                           00216: girl's acrylic sweater, easycare
                                         PRICE: $45USD+$5USD shipping = $50USD

                                   00217:Vintage doll cradle and handmade doll quilt, mattress
                                                  and pillow/slip with lace edging

 This grouping would make a lovely gift for a little girl, but would equally appeal to a doll collector for display of a smaller doll ~ perhaps around 9 inches or a slightly larger doll ~ up to 12 inches ~ would look darling sitting in the cradle.
The cradle would look sweet painted a blue milkpaint on the outside with cream interior and I almost did that but something told me to keep it in its original varnish - I can just see some Grandpa working over this in his basement workshop, sanding all the edges, making sure there were no imperfections ~ and then Grandma dressing a doll to go with it. An image from the 60's!

I had been hoarding some small swatches of fabric a friend in Provence had sent me from a street fair, and finally decided to do something with them ~ I had just enough, when combined with Kona solid coloured fabrics to make this little quilt - 20 inches long and around 16 wide, all handpieced and handquilted. I then used scrap 100% cotton batting to make a mattress, pillow and pillowslip edged with tiny ecru cotton lace ~ and voila a French-style dolly's bedding set!
00217: French flavoured doll cradle and bedding set
PRICE: $95USD + $20USD shipping = $115USD