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From time to time, I am blown away by smaller linen items and will list them below for you. These will consist mainly of tablemats, doilies, traycloths and runners. Occasionally I may find a tea towel or apron that calls to me and I have to have it! I also have a tendency to grab bits and pieces of vintage and antique lace and offer them for sale. Often I have enough that you will be able to use these treasures as a shelf edging or on small linens or items of clothing. They can also be tacked to dark silk velvet and displayed to advantage in an ornate frame.
Enjoy what chance washes up on the shores of this category - I never know what I will find, but you may be sure it will be the best of the best!
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00153:  a huge 57 inch length of luscious 2.5 inch wide lace - enough for a lovely project!!
Your price  $25 USD + $2.50USD postage = $27.50

00155:  Oh my! above I have 120 inches by 3 inches wide vintage ecru bobbin lace that I have imported from France. Made from ecru linen thread. You don't often find 10 continuous feet in this quality, and I am offering it to you for
$50USD + $5/uSD shipping = $55USD

00179: this is two lengths of old handmade cotton lace totalling 1 yard and 4 inches which is
3 inches at the widest point. These pieces of lace were likely salvaged from worn pillowslips and would look lovely applied to new old stock vintage pillowslips.

Your Price  $10USD+$2.50 postage=$12.50


00180: this is a very ornate piece of "chemical lace" 37 inches long by 1.25 wide
it is enough to trim a nightie or a show towel. Chemical lace was worked on a machine made netting which was then treated with a chemical that removed the background net, displaying the worked pattern to great advantage.
Price: $15USD+$2.50 USD=$17.50 USD

00182: above is a creamy white linen and bobbin lace doily 10inches
in diameter. It is in immaculate condition. It could be the finishing touch to your
romantic tea table.
Price: $20USD+$3USD=$23 

00140: here's where retro meets funky! Brown, orange and green with yellow on a lighter yellow ground, this apron will make quite a statement in your retro kitchen!
00140 Funky Apron
  PRICE: $15 USD + $3 SHIPPING = $18 USD

                          00200: Plain and sweet half apron in brown and white gingham,
                                                            in excellent condition
                                      PRICE: $12USD + $5USD shipping = $17USD

                                              00201: vintage blue and white gingham apron
                                                          embroidered in Chicken Scratch
                                            PRICE: $15USD + $5USD shipping = $20USD

This is an exceptionally pretty and very versatile hand embroidered half apron in mid blue with white polka dots. You can dress it up by wearing it with a dark skirt or dress, or dress it down with jeans, cowboy boots and a shirt.

 Above is a close up of the creative hand embroidery and below you have an overall view. This is a real find and would make a wonderful gift for anyone you know who loves that retro look!
00202: mid blue and whie hand embroidered half apron
PRICE: $17USD + $5USD shipping = $22USD

 A sweet half apron in blue and white gingham embroidered with a Greek key design in red.
This is an unusual design and more sophisticated than many, which plays well with country style gingham - a blast from the 1970's!
00203: blue and white gingham, embroidered half apron
PRICE: $15USD + $5USD shipping = $20

00150: Set of Tablecloth and Napkin Case

 Sets such as this were common in the pre WWII period and were one of the little niceties of life which were inexpensive to have on hand, requiring only a piece of linen or the less expensive indian head cloth, a few strands of embroidery floss (which was sold at 3 for 10 cents in the 1940's) and a woman's time. Such sets protected linens and added an air of gentility to the simplest homes.
Sometimes the transfer sheet for such a set was enclosed as a free bonus in a lady's magazine, as they were then called.
This lovely set will go fast, and they are getting harder and harder to find!
00150: Tablecloth and Napkin storage set. PRICE: $50USD + $7.50USD shipping = $57.50USD

                                                00158: Handworked Nightgown Case
Think of all the work that went into this sweet case!! The lovely overcast edge was done without the use of a serger which makes our work so easy today - each stitch done by hand as are the dainty flowers and the sweet label in art deco script.
00158: embroidered nightgown case PRICE: $40USD+$5USD shipping =$45 USD
00175: 24inch tablecentre - fine linen and crocheted inserts
This is a very unusual tablelinen and will show to striking effect on a finished wood surface or on top of another fine linen tablecloth. It would also show to advantage on a painted surface. It's very versatile and is in immaculate condition, ready to use or give as a special gift.
00175: 24 inch linen and crochet tabletopper  $40USD + $3USD shipping = $43USD
00152:  Art Deco hand embroidered tablerunner with crocheted edge
16.6x39 inches

 This delicious runner would look great on your sideboard in the dining room or perhaps on the dining table with a floral arrangement in the centre. Perhaps you have a mission-style or Stickley dining set?Perfect if you do! But perfect on any table or sideboard, in truth.
00152: Runner, hand embroidered and hand crochet edge: $25USD + $5USD shipping = $30USD
                           00214: 13inch Doily in ecru linen with exquisite crocheted edge
This immaculate fine linen doily with hand crocheted wide trim was clearly made by skilled hands. It reminds me of the edges crocheted on all her work by my mother, who was born in 1899.
Buy it as a special gift for yourself or give it to a friend or relative who loves vintage things - the edge is typical of those I've seen in pattern books from 1920's and earlier.
00214: 13" Doily with hand crocheted edge $20USD + $2.50USD shipping = $22.50
00177: set of 3 Doilies
       Two of the doilies are 9.5 inches in diameter, while the other one is a generous 16 inches.
                     Each doily is made of fine ecru linen edged with hand crocheted lace
Wouldn't they enhance your favourite vintage china teaset?
00177: Sold as a set only, 3 pristine doilies for $50USD + $5USD shipping = $55USD