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Sunday, July 4, 2010

ELEGANT RETRO GIFTS FOR BABY (and a few other funky gifts too!)

I've been adding to my listings today but still have a long way to go. I've added some Bedlinens, specifically lovely creamy white lace embellished pillowslips.
Then I added some lengths of lace and a sweet doily made with a fine linen centre with bobbin lace around the edge. Wow! Just so beautiful!
This evening, I will be adding some children's dish sets and some cutlery. I also have some silver baby cups in the pipeline and an 1847 Rogers Brothers silver baby spoon very like the one I remember having as an infant.


  1. Cute spoon. You've done well to hold on to so many of your treasures over the years.

  2. Thank you Marcia: Keep watching this site for lots of new listings and I'll enter you for the giveaway at the end of the month.

  3. Thanks Sandra - it's a sweet little piece - I don't think they are made in that style any longer.
    I also have a darling silverplate cup with repousse and applied bunny with engraved grasses, and two cups with duckies!
    Hope your weather is being nice to you - ours is very hot and humid (for here, that is!)

  4. Hello Janet - thanks for stopping by. You sound like a spunky gal living alone in a somewhat remote area, and running a business! It's been years (l970's) since I visited Nova Scotia but I recall how beautiful it was despite rain falling most of our stay! We drove the Cabot Trail but couldn't see a thing due to the fog..........a shame and perhaps I should come back some day and try again!! We also visited Halifax - I was interested in your other blog story about how it was when you were a child compared to now. Of course I feel the same way when I go home to my town in England......some things are the same but so much has changed. I too grew up in the '40's and life was quite hard after WWII....but it was wonderful being a child of that era, enjoying the countryside and simple things.

    I do love Canada, perhaps due to the affinity I feel for the country because my maternal grandfather was from Toronto. This latest trip was good, but SO HOT, not fun in the concrete cities. Quebec City was the best - lots to see and show my granddaughter (Jasmin 13) - Montreal was just too hot and too many people there for the Jazz Festival.

    Lets keep in touch, I will enjoy learning more about life in your area.

    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

    1. I just found Janet's website. Do you know why she stopped posting. I can't find anything since 6-7-3011.

  5. Hi Mary: Thanks for the great and very interesting comment. I would love to meet you if you visit my corner of the world some day. It's been unpleasantly hot here but it's almost always possible to find a cool breeze. I hear you on fog. The first time my daughter and I came home from living in Ontario she claimed she visited many spots but never "saw" them! Too much fog!
    Do lets keep in touch - you are on my favourites list now!

  6. I just found Janet's website (1-8-2016). Does anybody know why she has not posted for so long?