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There are many types and styles of tablelinens, and I tend to collect and offer for sale those that are less formal. They are usually of a somewhat smaller size than formal banquet or dinner linens and are also much more decorative.

Lately I have acquired many lovely napkins to allow you to cut the consumption of paper products in your home and to give a touch of elegance and taste to your family's daily living. As you will know, vintage linens do better being used as then discolouration and "foxing" can be kept to a minimum.

Whether you choose  vintage tablelinens that were made by women to enhance their own homes; or your choice comes from those made by the women who worked in the cottage industries of countries with a tradition of highly skilled handwork, like Madeira in the Portuguese Canary Islands and Macao, the Portuguese colony in China;  you can rest assured that I have chosen the very best for you from the markets of North America and Europe. These wonderful linens will enhance your cottage, romantic or shabby chic home's decor and set off your tableware perfectly.

Please contact me with the details of your order and I will put a hold on it and facilitate payment and shipping for you. Payment is easy with Paypal or you may mail me your personal cheque if you prefer.
Enjoy browsing through the many choices I have for you!

00146   Tea or Luncheon Cloth
Below are pictures of a lovely cabbage rose and trellis hand embroidered tea or luncheon cloth, dimensions are 28 by 30 inches. It was found in the United Kingdom, and appears to be made of fine linen. A natural for your English Country Cottage, with its references to English Cottage Gardens.
00146 tea or luncheon cloth 28x30 inches $45 USD + $5 USD shipping: total $50 USD

00151 Breakfast or Luncheon Cloth size 34x34 inches. A sweet, handworked red apple cloth, embroidered and hand crocheted edge in a cheery 1950's red!
Many kitchens in the 1950's were decorated using a clear, bright red and often the motif was apples. The woman who made this cloth in a lovely ecru linen used the colour and motif to great advantage to showcase her skills. I have no doubt her kitchen was red!
00151 Breakfast Cloth, 34 x 34 inches red on ecru linen $55 USD + $5 USD shipping for a total of $60 USD

00157 Tea Cloth, handcrocheted, 36 inches square 
This nice small cloth is made out of a fairly heavy crochet thread and can be used on it's own or act as a top cloth over a larger coloured or printed cloth to add a romantic flavour to your tea table setting. I can see it over some of the romantic print fabrics I'm thinking of making up into tablecloths for presentation here...
00157 Handcrocheted Tea Cloth, creamy white  $45 USD + $5 USD shipping

00164  embroidered, appliqued and handmade lace inset 80 inch by 64 inch cloth with 8 matching 15 inch napkins

This is a very impressive larger(64x80 inches) tablecloth and 8 napkins set made either just before or after the Second World War in the old Portuguese trading colony of Macao in the tradition of the very finest of Chinese needlework skills. These cloths brought a premium price 60 years ago and still do now. An elegant and very romantic way to dress your table for dinner guests.
00164: 64x80 highly decorative and desirable cloth with 8 napkins; $85USD + $10USD shipping

00159: Ten drawnwork napkins 11x11 inches
A set of 10 is hard to find in this excellent condition. White can be carefully bleached using lemon juice and sun or a weaker javex solution, so these should be easy to keep in good condition. They are still in the original box and if used at all, it was not often.
00159: set of ten drawnwork napkins 11 inches square  $55USD + $8USD shipping = $63 USD

00162 six Madeira tablenapkins in original box - heart design 12x12 inches
These lovely napkins will can be combined happily with virtually any tablecloth as they are a muted creamy light eggshell colour.
00162 six 12 inch square madeira tablenapkins in a restrained heart design $25USD + $4USD = $29 USD ships free with another item

00163  six madeira tablenapkins, basket design  11 inches square
These sweet luncheon or tea napkins are unused in the original box and there are 6 of them. I'm not sure if they are a light eggshell originally or if a gentle laundering will remove the patina acquired by age. I'll leave that to you after you have read the care instructions I send with all my linens. These napkins will coordinate easily with other vintage linens as they are so beautifully understated.
00163  six madeira table napkins basket design $24USD + $4USD shipping or ship free with another purchase

Hand embroidered 44.5x64 inches tablecloth.
Blue, pink and orange flowers.

The embroidery is expertly done and the cloth is in immaculate condition. You will be proud to set your table with this heritage linen cloth. Cottage charm at its best!

Simple and charming!
00166 - 44.5x64 inches hand embroidered tablecloth: PRICE $50USD+$5USD postage= $55USD


00167 - hand embroidered 29.5 inch square luncheon cloth
This sweet cloth is profusely and colourfully hand embroidered and edged with blanket or buttonhole stitch.

This cloth's provenance is that it was imported from France by me, and is made of what used to be called cretonne. It is a one-of-a-kind find.
00167 - 29.5 inch square luncheon cloth, hand embroidered:

00168 - 6 Belgian Placemats 14.75 x 22 inches
This is a set of 6 linen embroidered rose design placemats edged with hand cro0cheted lace and worked in a dark ecru on lighter ecru fabric. Elegance for your table!!
00168 - set of 6 linen placemats from Belgium
PRICE: $50USD + $5USD shipping + $55USD

                      00169 Royal Society hand embroidered cloth 52 inches square

 Royal Society was the very best quality stamped for embroidery goods available in the twenties and thirties in North America, and this cloth was worked by a highly skilled hand. The sunny, bright colours are suitable for any time of year but especially lovely with a summer table setting. You will not be disappointed if you choose this one!!
00169: hand embroidered corn tassels cloth 52 inches square
PRICE: $65USD + $5USD shipping = $70USD

00173: 31.5 sq inches - hand embroidered and hemmed floral cloth
This is a darling cloth - the picture does not do it justice and I will add a better one when the natural light here is a little better. Again, this is a cloth that will dress up your luncheon or tea table beautifully. You can't go wrong with cottage flowers! And these are beautifully worked as a border and then as a central wreath too.
00173: 31.5 square inch teacloth hand embroidered flowers, plain hem
PRICE: $45USD + $5USD shipping = $50USD

00171:   35 square inch art deco style hand embroidered teacloth

 Although the colour doesn't come up clearly, this cloth is a pale, buttery yellow with a trellis of sweet art deco style flowers in each corner. The whole cloth is outlined in a clear midtone blue and then hand edged with a picot handmade lace - I would date it to somewhere in the 1930's, so we are looking at a cloth that is in impeccable condition despite almost 80 years. This is a real find!
00171: art deco 1930's teacloth hand embroidered with hand crochet edging
35 inches square
PRICE: $55USD + $5USD shipping = $60USD

00139: 36 inch teacloth with 4 napkins
hand embroidered and hand crochet edging

 This is one of the prettiest sets I have ever seen! It is embroidered by a skilled hand and the crochet edging on the scalloped hem is exquisite. 35 inches square, 4 napkins (each 10x12 and with a different flower) and the cloth are in immaculate condition - you will be happy to display this set for any guest.
00139: hand embroidered teacloth with crochet edging and 4 napkins
PRICE: $65USD + $5USD shipping = $70USD

00174: 32 inch square embroidered baskets with crochet edging

This cloth appears to have been done by the same hand that did #00139 - colour choices are similar and the work is done by a confident and experienced hand and then edged in a lovely understated picot hand crochet. Again, a deco style look straight out of the 30's or 40's. You will be proud to display this one!
00174: 32 inch square baskets teacloth
PRICE: $45USD + $5USD shipping = $50USD
00194: Charles Demery/Souileado Tablcloth
This lovely vintage all cotton cloth was handprinted at the Souileado factory in Provence while it was still under Charles Demery's ownership and management, so is about 40 years old. It is printed probably using antique woodblocks and old methods and the colorway is a rosy pink, soft green and ivory - a colour combination as workable now as it was then. I can see this cloth enhancing any one of many classic china and cutlery patterns.

When this one is gone folks, it's gone ~ I'm not expecting to be able to find a replacement although I'm always looking! I'm going to hate to see it go!
00194: 51x66 all botton vintage Provencal tablecloth
PRICE: $75USD+$5USD shipping = $80USD