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Nothing sets off a bed more than creamy white vintage pillowcases with frothy hand crocheted lace on the edge. While all handmade pillowcases are sweet, the very best in my opinion are the white ones since their plain design sets off both your quilt and the rest of your bedlinens to perfection. Now and then I find sheets that are worth the postage required to send them to you, but they have to be outstanding. I also find the occasional small vintage sheet for a child's bed.
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00141: standard size single pillowslip in a lovely creamy white with hand made lace crocheted onto the edge.
Your price: $20 USD+$5USD postage=$25 USD

00156:  single, very decorative creamy white pillowslip, lace handcrocheted on the edge and a wide strip of hand crocheted lace inserted as well.
Your price: $25 USD + $5 USD postage = $30 USD