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This deliberately vague category will contain all the items that don't fit within the other categories. At the moment, I'm running through my mental inventory of other great stuff and I've come up with several classic gently used Souileado fabric purses, some rather sweet napkin rings, my handmade needlebooks, sets of lavender sachets, a very smug looking embroidered pussycat masquerading as a tea cosy and a very impressive vintage Anchor-Hocking jadeite fruit bowl. This is just the tip of the iceberg so watch this spot!!

00170: Fire King Jadeite bowl with ribbed interior rim.
8 inches across and 2.5 inches deep
$50 USD + $10 USD shipping = $60

00172: wooden sock darning tool
I think this is maple and the smoothness has to be felt to be believed. This would look sweet in a work basket with other vintage sewing notions, wouldn't it?
$17.50 USD + $2.50 USD postage = $20

00185: a new with tags Pierre Deux diaper bag with all the bells and whistles
This is a very stylish statement for a new mother and baby and is offered at below retail cost - my saving is passed on to you! Dark blue prints from Soulieado.
$75 USD + $10 USD postage = $85

                                 00186: sterling silver napkin ring - no monogram - provenance: Malta
                                    a classic gift for the new baby: you might wish to engrave the first name
                                                  $40 USD + $2 USD postage = $42

00196: 30 inch linen tablecloth to embroider and perhaps thread crochet around
I will provide sufficient vintage embroidery floss to complete this lovely cloth which has a circular pattern of waterlilies, buds and lily pad leaves.
I also keep in stock an instruction book on thread crochet and the vintage thread to complete a lovely lacy edging for this cloth which can finish either square or round
$20 + $2.50 postage = $22.50

00207: Quimper HB small tub shaped faience dish marked 298 and  P...

 This lovely little Quimper faience covered dish is clearly marked and in immaculate condition. It has obviously been loved and treasured over the years and was used as a ring dish on a dressing table by its elderly Scottish owner. The lady's grand daughter sold it to me not too long ago.
I think it would look lovely on a tea table with other French pieces and perhaps some fine French linens. Dimensions are 2.5 inches tall by 3.25 at the widest point of the cover.
00207:  Quimper covered dish ~ $45USD + $10USD shipping + $55USD

00208: Vintage Transfer Old Spice
 This vintage transfer for embroidery was a free bonus with Old Spice Toiletries and featured the ever popular designs featured in the Old Spice packaging. A sweet vintage poattern suitable for either a kitchen, laundry or bathroom. This is a rare original, not a copy!
00208:Vintage Old Spice iron-on embroidery pattern
Price:$10USD + $2USD shipping = $12USD
                                           00209: McCall's #1428 Pennsylvania Dutch
 This embroidery pattern was published in the late 1940's - it is an original, not a copy and is a motif that was very popular at the time. There are suggestions for kitchen linens on the pattern and this would look so darling in a retro kitchen. Very Folky!
                           00209 McCall's #1428   $10USD+$2USD shipping = $12USD

                                   00210:McCall's #1359 Mallards and # 1291 Pheasants
 A lovely pair of large wallhangings suitable for framing or making up into quilted hangings. These designs come from the late 1940's and were part of a series that also included a doe and fawn and a buck. Whoever designed these two was a true artist and these pictures are still very much in demand today. I have seen them in the finished condition and they are very desirable, I can assure you.
                                        00209: pair of wildfowl transfers for embroidery
                                                Price: $25USD + $3USD shipping = $2


                                    00211: McCall's #1044 Applique Picture 24x31 inches
 This lovely design was for use as a framed picture in applique - comes from the early 40's possibly 1930's. In the same timeframe, lovely bedspreads and quilts were being made using these techniques and colours and the skilled needlewoman might like to try this, or indeed use the patterns to make a lovely tablecloth, especially if she has the skilll to do fine thread crochet.
                              00211: Applique pattern by McCall's $10USD+$2USD shipping = $12USD

                                              00212: McCall's #1433 Children's pictures
 This envelope contains two pictures which can be done on heavy cotton or on linen and finished as pictures for a child's room. The snowsuits are typical of the heavy woolen coats and leggings worn at the time. The sled looks to be a Flexible Flyer - I remember having one of those!!!
                                 00212: McCall's 1433   Price: $10USD+$2USD = $12USD

                                           00213 McCall's #1702 American Beauty Rose
This pattern is for embellishing household linens. In the late 40's and early 50's roses were extremely popular for embroidering on linens - pillow slips, tops of sheets, guest towels, cases for hankies and lingerie etc. Delicate and feminine but not cloyingly so!
00213: McCall's 1702 embroidery pattern
Price: $10USD+$2USD shipping = $12USD

Piebirds - seen in Country Living magazine
November 2010

I have a small number of piebirds that I have picked up over the years and displayed in my kitchen.
These piebirds are not vintage - some were imported from England but are contemporary/ reproductions of the vintage ones.

Above is 00216: French style rooster 
PRICE IS $15USD+$5USD shipping=$20USD

If there is interest in piebirds, I will carry them and will look out for vintage ones as well. I currently have 3 different types of birds - a blackbird, a bluebird complete with the recipe for a "best-ever" apple pie, and a French style rooster which would complement your French faience.

00215: Piebird - bluebird with recipe
PRICE: $15USD+$5USD shipping = $20USD

00214: piebird - traditional blackbird from England
PRICE: $15USD+$5USD shipping = $20USD
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