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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Tips and Tricks - less than perfect linens

We all have them! A much loved tablecloth that has acquired a stain that no amount of TLC will remove; a bargain find with a worn spot or hole or two.
What to do with them? How to keep using them without fretting over unsightly flaws?  Sixty or seventy years ago every larger community had invisible mending services  that would extend the life of your treasured linens. No more - I'm afraid the recent solution has been to throw an item out when it reached the point of needing repairs. I grew up in wartime when replacements of even everyday items was next to impossible and I was used to seeing my mother and her friends turning shirt collars and cuffs, and cutting worn sheets down the middle and resewing them leaving the portion worn thin to the outside.

The linens I am offering on this site are for the most part in perfect condition, but now and then I find a treasure which is so unique and well done that despite a flaw or two I will offer it to my valued customers.
Just such a tablecloth arrived the other day - it is a larger cloth with beautifully hand appliqued pansies on a trellis around the outer edges. The one flaw is a small hole in the middle of the cloth, which could be left, but if not repaired will eventually become larger and larger. What to do?

I have decided I will make a pansy template from the border flowers, and I will applique a pansy over the hole. I could do the same if it were a stain I cannot wash or sunbleach out. Another treasure saved!
Another solution to the problem of stains is a strategically placed doily over the stain. Voila!! Nothing to be seen. I will be listing many exquisite doilies very soon at very good prices.
Keep checking back as I continue to list my treasures!
Bye for now!


  1. Very clever! Lovely linens Janet! You are so very wonderful about giving the best ideas and tips!

  2. Thanks for the sweet coment Sandra. Must post some more treasures today - this oppressive heat and humidity is sapping my energy. Oh for a good thunderstorm!
    Happy weekend!