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Monday, March 29, 2010


The time has come. As well as quiltmaking, I've spent all winter decluttering - vast numbers of saved magazines have been gone through and distilled to a few clippings I'll keep for now and the rest has gone to recycling. Clothing has been weeded out to what I will wear right now and the rest gone to thrift stores or the sadder looking stuff for cleaning rags!

Along the way I've found so many things that should go to someone who will appreciate them as I have. I have collected china and pottery, old tins, baby items, folk art, pieces of lace and vintage linens. It's time to offer them to you all to love and cherish as I have over the years.

I will try to do a fair sized post every week or so - please watch for items you may be interested in as I begin to post. I can be reached at and accept personal cheques by preference, but also Paypal. I try to keep shipping costs as low as possible; I definitely have no plans to make a profit on shipping and will refund any overpayment.
lavender sachets - a recent order
To get started, I am listing the lavender sachet bags I have started marketing. These bags come in a set of three for $27.50 + $5.00 shipping = $32.50 USD
and can be made in your colour choices and favourite type of fabrics - 1970's calico, 30's and 40's feedsack, provencal fabrics imported from France or fine reproduction 1800's quilt fabrics, Just the right personal touch for your home!
a corner of my kitchen


  1. Wonderful idean Janet! The photos didn't come through for me this time, but it could be on my end. I'll check back later and look forward to passing this along to others also! Happy treasure hunting everyone!

  2. Okay, I can see the photos now! Great idea Janet! I'm in the same boat. Believe me, it feels SO GOOD to begin to lighten your load. I was fine when I had my shop! I'd buy something, use it, love it, somebody would see it in my home, I'd sell it and get soemthing different. NOW.... Things need to begin to turn like the tides for me and LEAVE my house, rather than pouring in. I know that folks will love this idea you have and snatch up all of your treasures! IT's a win/win. You'll be so glad you did this.