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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


There were times this past winter when I wanted to run away to a tropical island, but that's just not possible!! It was a tough winter, lots of snow and lots of lugging wood for the main source of heat - my airtight woodstove. Although I was busily searching out little treasures for you, I'm afraid I let my inventory and record keeping go all to pieces. But today I'm busily sorting that out and getting ready to start posting some more goodies.

So, in order to whet your appetite, I'm posting some pictures.
The first two are the three volume set of "My Travelship" published  by Olive Beaupre Miller of Bookhouse Books. These three volumes were first published in the early 1920's and are filled with poems, chansons, stories and beautiful artwork based on paintings by world renowned artists. I think the Japanese one took my fancy as a tiny child, and I later discovered wood print artists such as Hiroshige, and the Japanese poets who wrote Haiku - the 17 syllable poems that express a complete thought or experience.

But then again, these two also caught my fancy as soon as I could read the stories and began school where we were taught French from Grade One.
You can choose to buy just one of these lovely heirloom books or go for all three - your choice.
Contact me to discuss relative pricing as my assortment includes first editions and later editions.

The other day I opened up a bag tucked into one of my supermarket totes and look what was inside!! The paperweight is a vintage handcrafted item made by Nigel Pain of Dorset, England. He used a print of a painting of the young Victoria, painted in 1840 when she would have been in her very early twenties.  Along with this sweet paperweight there were several handmade doilies, a length of the most delicate embroidered French silk ribbon that would look lovely on a toddler's special occasion dress and 4.5 yards of handmade vintage maltese lace 1.25 inches wide - what a treasure!!

Here is a close-up above of the lace, beautifully made and in immaculate condition!

Another treasure above: a child's teaset in perfect condition, of lustreware made in Japan early in the 20th century. A special gift for a special grandchild? Or will you keep it on your small table as a vignette?
The spool is in the picture for size comparison - it is one of the vintage wooden small spools - measures maybe 1.25 inches tall. By the way, both the lovely ecru doily and the teatable cloth embellished with lace are also for sale, the cloth is not Cath Kidston, but doesn't it look like some of her lovely fabrics? The tablecloth has a matching handquilted tea cosy I will be listing soon.

Ready for afternoon tea? Try Crabtree and Evelyn's - it's tops! A better view of the lace on the edge of the teacloth, and my sweet Torquay Watcombe pottery - circa 1930 to 1940's - so art deco, isn't it? I also have a posy ring that matches the tea cup and sugar and cream. Ask for details.

This lovely tablecloth will be just right for serving a somewhat larger group as it is amply sized at 44x57. A very understated but painstakingly crafted vintage item.

If you're looking for just the perfect gift for a new baby - this lovely unengraved solid silver napkin ring, made in Malta might be just the thing - you can have it engraved or give it as it is.
Below is the hallmark the maker's sign and the maltese cross signifying country of origin. This is not silverplate - it's the real thing. I have several other silver cups and baby cutlery for your consideration. Ask me about them.

Les Olivades is a well known upmarket retailer whose products are mainly clothes and tablelinens made in Provence. This little blouse will fit a toddler  - ask me for measurements so as not to be disappointed. Can't you just see your grandchild wearing this blouse made of vintage indiennes fabric, perhaps with a jumper or overalls out of denim or chambray? Adorable!

And last but not least, a funky little beeskep honeypot, imported from England - vintage, but not a mark on it, the drizzler had long been lost, so I bought a new one carved from wood to replace it - it's still in its wrapper, so you know it's new and fresh. I love this and have wanted to own one for a few years now - but you can have first dibs!

CONTACT ME: to enquire about cost and availability of anything you've seen here. I will be posting some items on inner pages, trying for a handful every day, so keep watching.

 BECOME A FOLLOWER, because I'm also making plans for a new giveaway soon and you wouldn't want to miss that!

Until next time - Janet


  1. Nice to hear from you Deb!!! Going to be a busy weekend between the garden and posting new treasures. You'll want to check back for the giveaway I have coming up soon.