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Monday, December 6, 2010

ADDED: Girl's Handknit Sweater; dollquilt, bedding set and vintage cradle

Before I draw your attention to some new additions to my site, I want to mention the great Christmas GIVEAWAY I am hosting over at my regular blog
I'm trying to give a gift that will be attractive to followers who have all sorts of interests, so have decided to give a choice among 4 different prizes. Pop over and see if you'd like to enter and also if you would like to increase your chances of winning by simply telling your friends and having them enter too. A fun idea. I want to grow my site and one of you will be a winner as a result!

Now I want to tell you about some new additions to FunkyBabyMine. Pictures of the vintage doll cradle and handmade quilt, mattress and lace trimmed pillow and case are above, and as always you'll find the full descriptions and pricing on the appropriate page. Check out Items for Children Page:

Below is a picture of a handknit sweater for a little girl, knit in acrylic yarn so it is completely machine wash and dry. I made similar sweaters for my daughter and they wore for years and were passed on to other children, so you will get your money's worth from my handknits. I'm also making some pairs of mitts and hats for the tinies and hope to have a few posted soon.
You can check out measurements on this sweet little sweater if you go to the Children's Items page by clicking on the same link as that for the doll cradle and bedding set.

Keep checking regularly for more items to be posted and meanwhile, check out the giveaway at


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