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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have a large hanging glass-fronted cupboard in my bedroom and I have started to go through its contents. I took out what I thought was an unexciting stack of patterns and small embroidery kits and look at what I found!!! I've just finished photographing them and when I have assigned each a number I will post them on the Other Great Stuff page.
Pennsylvania Dutch and folk embroidery were popular motifs in the late 40's and early 50's. This could be the finishing touch to a retro kitchen. There is a sweet rendition of such a kitchen  on the envelope - great ideas!
 I recall my mother working a pair like these - I have no idea where they ended up! Wish I had them!
 The American Beauty Rose was a popular pattern for household linens during the late 40's early 50's and this type of pattern is so versatile for curtains, tablecloths, sheet tops and pillow slips as well as guest towels.
 Every male on the Christmas and Father's Day shopping lists ended up with Old Spice toiletries ~ can't you just see bathroom curtains embroidered with the Old Spice figures, perhaps a framed advert or two - some of them were wonderful!  Perhaps you could find some of the ecru milkglass looking bottles in a flea market somewhere? This transfer pattern was a free bonus from Shulton, the makers of Old Spice.
This sweet applique pattern could easily be adapted for either a tablecloth or a bedspread - just by simply blowing up the size or reducing it - what fun!!
 Winter sports in the late 1940's looks great until you realize that the snow gear worn by children was pure wool and the galoshes were thinly lined rubber worn over shoes and socks. Mittens and hats and scarves all wool too - I recall my mom bringing me indoors freezing cold and covered in snow clinkers stuck all over my snowpants, coat and mitts. All the layers were removed in the kitchen and immediately hung on the drying rack which was a fixture over the huge old farm house sink, where for hours after you could hear the clinkers falling into the sink. By the time my own daughter came along, nylon onepiece snowsuits lessened the misery considerably!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these - most, if not all, have been out of print for about 50 years and would look lovely in a retro or vintage cottage home. How sweet it would look to arrange the envelopes as part of a vintage sewing notions vignette even after you have used the transfers to recreate some vintage treasures!
In some cases I can locate vintage floss  from my collection to go with these transfers if you would like some. The only exception would be the very complex shading of the Mallards and Ringnecked Pheasants pictures, but I recall there is a list with standard DMC numbers enclosed with these transfers, and DMC is always easy to source.
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  2. Nice blog post....I like your way of presentation...embroidery is an passion & art....

  3. Tahnya Marie: I'd love it if you replaced your button with the one I have made up. I've pretty well finished reading your posts right back to the beginning - you are so far from family, but the early years are tough - you will adjust, hopefully with some visits home.

    Embroidery: this is just the tip of the iceberg - the first shelf in the cupboard - I'm looking forward to going through the rest of it all! Make sure you enter my draw - you just might win some lovely vintage embroidered goodness! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hi Janet, wow! You must have been very busy reading my blog posts all the way back. *smiles* I hope you enjoyed it. Just letting you know that I have replaced the button with yours now. :)

  5. What beautiful patterns! Really inspiring to start embroidering again :)

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