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Friday, August 13, 2010

NESTING - Getting Ready for Winter

It must be getting close to fall - the days are drawing in and the nights are not as warm and humid. Daytime is sunny and breezy and the goldenrod is starting to bloom. These signs have me looking around my house with a view to sorting out, tidying and improving things a bit.

I ran across a great idea in a back issue of Early American Life magazine I have two doors, side by side, giving access to a good sized porch/woodhouse beside my kitchen, and had been thinking about opening up the larger, more conveniently located door and closing the one currently being used which is small and awkwardly placed, making it hard to store firewood for winter use. I think I will do that and here's where the idea comes in. In my old house there are no cupboards and little wall space so any storage I can add is an advantage. The idea was contained in a picture of shelves set into the niche created by a permanently closed off door -  now all I need to do is find some antique hinges for the huge old door which will become the one I use.

Early American Life, December 2007

The wonderful back issues - 15 of them!! - which I recently acquired are providing lots of other new ideas and inspiration; as is my trip through abandoned sewing projects which I need to finish. At the moment I am finishing off a couple of small counted cross stitch projects in order to make some old fashioned needlebooks for Christmas shoppers both at my studio and at the quilt show at the local Hall's Harbour United Baptist Church on the 25th and 26th of September; and in the pages of FunkyBabyMine for those of you who are planning to shop handmade and online this Christmas, as so many people are doing now.

Keep watching my shop pages here for more new listings as I find time to post them, and remember that I'm planning to have another giveaway right after Labour Day which will be open to followers only.

Talk to you soon!


  1. I did this in my house in town. There were two doors and it worked out well. I happen to think that old houses LOVE to "be tickled" and moved about a bit. I think if the truth be known, I overlaoded the weight of my house, well it was before I moved in w/added sheetrock that I would have GLADLY taken out and exposed the beadboard, but.. anyways, I shored up the foundation. Long and short, when I sold my old house, the realtors, home inspectors and my reps were there for like 10 hours and not ONE thing was ever changed or found... So, here's to all the HOMEOWNER"S who REALLY do take care of their homes. I miss it. I do take care of this one, but knowing that it will eventually trickle to the Fed. Govt.... leaves me not so much of a spark.

  2. Hi Sandra: The porch/woodshed which is about 10x14 was at one time three rooms: an entry you couldn't swing a cat in, and a pantry which was long and narrow and opened onto another long and narrow room that looked as though it had housed the family dog - yikes! So all partitions and ceilings came out - hence two doors where I only need one. Must get a little closer this weekend to finding some appropriate hinges.
    Must also post some more goodies!!! HeHe!

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